Mountain Man’s Fake Fiancé

44435088I try hard to never stay in one place too long.

Traveling is in my blood. Thankfully, I have billions to burn through.

But there’s something about the Winter Moon Lodge.

Building it has parts of me waking up and forcing me to want more from life.

And my family expects more. Like a wife and kids.

I lied to my meddling mother to get her and the crazy-ass dates she’s setting me up with off my back.

But the joke’s on me. She’s coming to visit, and I have to produce this fiancée—fast.

My new carpenter is a beautiful girl playing a man’s game.

Cute little thing. She’s perfect.

Never in a million years did I expect her to school me the way she has.

She might be willing to pretend for a weekend, but I’m hoping she says yes when I reveal the truth.

I don’t want three days. I want forever.


Chloe is a hometown girl from Tennessee who loves a great short romance, drinking 18685630coffee most of the day, and hanging out with family. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing the piano or surfing Facebook! Having been a reader all her life, she’s hoping that you’ll find yourself lost to time, laughing and falling in love all over again with her books.






I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book of Chloe Morgan’s that I have read and I must admit I loved each single page. I soaked it all in. Her style of writing is flawless and flows so naturally. The characters all mesh well together and are easily to fall in love with.

Mason is a billionaire and owns part of a lodge, and does a lot of traveling to set up new businesses. Sam is a temp working out with construction and they immediately fall towards each other. The problem is his mother is a meddler. She wants him to settle down and have a family, but Mason isn’t interested in having to deal with her. So he lies and says he has a fiancé. And there comes the dilmea. Mom is coming to visit and she wants to meet this fiancé.

The two fall closer together with Mom there, but soon she is leaving and what happens then? Do they make it together? Do they drift apart?

I recommend this fast read. You won’t be disappointed



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