Lucky Daddy by R.S. Lively

51RrsfTfzoLA second chance with my brother’s best friend. 
A fake arrangement. 
A miracle pregnancy. 
Do you think my luck is finally coming around?! 

Reilly O’Hara’s the biggest, sexiest man I’ve ever known.
He’s a drool-worthy Irish stud, but completely off-limits.
Five years ago, I left town, leaving my dreams of him behind.
But a stroke of bad luck brought me back home and landed him in my bedroom.
That night he stole a kiss and reignited my buried passion…

Turns out Reilly’s carrying a billion-dollar secret.
And he needs a wife by St. Patrick’s Day.
I couldn’t let anyone else play the part.
Safe to say, things got out of hand…
Can you guess who’s the lucky daddy? 



R.S. Lively is a romance writing duo consisting of Ruth Scott and Lauren Lively. With81gnu1X3tVL._US230_ every page you turn, their passion for books and love of romance jumps out. Their novels are guaranteed to bring you laughter, and light up your day/night. If you’re looking for a beautiful, sexy, funny, and sweet romance… You’ll love their wonderful creations!






I was sent this book as an ARC for an honest review. This review will contain spoilers so readers beware.

I enjoyed this book. The witty banter and the way the characters all flowed together. I especially loved the Irishman mixed with Italian man <3. Reilly is every girls dream. So anyone can see why Gwen fell in love with her brother’s best friend. But that lays the problem because Gwen’s heart has been broken once before already by one of her brothers friends and now Reilly can’t act on his feelings, and its easy when Gwen moves off. car-driving

But what happens if she ever comes back?

The drama, the tears, the love, all of it is worth it in the end. I loved how all the characters flowed together, minus Grayson. His character seemed so out of place, but I get why he might have been needed, he was afterall the one who broke Gwens heart. The storyline flowed really well too, and kept you on your toes wondering what they would do next, if they would still be as blind as bats to what they felt for each other.


The only issue I had with the book was toward the end. We are told Gwen has a disease and can not have any children and then we have this beautiful, heartfelt moment with her and Reilly that we picture this amazing house filled with all these adopted children and how much love Gwen and Reilly would give them to have it all ripped away from us by somehow Gwen getting pregnant. I mean I am all for happy ever afters,… but really? Life isn’t filled with them. It just seemed a little unbelievable. And it ruined the rest for me. I forced myself to finish, but it wasn’t the same for me.


All in all though I enjoyed the book. It had just enough drama to keep you hooked without over doing it where you just shake your head and walk away from it. And let’s not forget all the yumminess of the male characters.


Give it a 4/5 hopefully she writes us a book off of Mills and Anthony (because I definitely ship those 2) and Gwen and Reilly will have some of those adopted babies… I mean a girl can hope right?



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